štvrtok 29. októbra 2009

Lots of pages

I found out I have no updated my blog for a long time and lots of new pages are ready, so here we go. As I have lots of pages, I will just put the preview of the used it and my page. Images are clickable to the shop and gallery with credit.

After Five Designs and collaboration kit Time Flies


Vera Lim Design and the ***NEW*** kit Lavender Sweeties and overlays from the Lavender Sweeties Magic

Moments to remember

NatashaNaSt Designs and the ***NEW*** kit Wind of change


Sweet dreams


Life is beautiful

NewlifeDreams Design and the kit Hocus Pocus:

Hocus pocus

Kimla Designs and the October Shot Nature Grey mini kit:

Top secret

Lily Designs and the October Shot My baby mini kit:


Catherine Designs and the kit Au Bonheur des Dames:

You are so beautiful

Sometimes ...

Kimla Designs and the kit Pink Chocolate:

It's all about me
Little something

Sabrina Dupre and the kit ordinary day:


Laura Deacetis and the kit Bliss:


streda 21. októbra 2009

New award

I nearly forgot, that during my holidays Semianka gave me a new award, thanks so much Semi!

Here it is:

My blog is dedicated to my scrapbooking hobby. I love making layouts and this way to share them with all of you, who visit my blog.

Here are the rules:
1. Send stamp.
2. Describe your blog.
3. Thank you for stamp who sent it to you.
4. Appoint your candidate 5 or more people who deserve the award.

And my nominations are:

piatok 9. októbra 2009


Today I have a layout for scrapmania challenge. The great ladies created an amazing collaboration kit called Surpriselandia. We had to use something from every part of the kit and create a page. So here is mine:

Have a look ...
everything from the collaboration kit Surpriselandia

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